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  1. We have a son of DJ and Katie’s litter born on May 5, 2002. Our pup is almost 13 and he shows his age but he has been a wonderful pet with a charming personality. We have been fortunate to have a sweet, healthy Cedarwood Springer.

  2. I met one of your beautiful pups this morning at the farmers market.She is owned by Sue Elsom in the Quad Cities, Iowa. We have been springer owners for 30 years and of course our dog is our baby! Our daughter now has a 1 year old Springer tri-color from Tennessee and she is gorgeous. The pup this morning reminded me of our dogs when they were young. Her markings are beautiful and she was so friendly and well-mannered. She’ll be a year old this weekend. I’d love to keep in touch via your website! Your dogs are beautiful.

  3. We have a Cedarwood springer and love him!!!! Sydney (Cedarwood’s Diamond in the Rough) is the son of Cedarwood’s Spice Girl and Felicity’s Diamond Jim. Our “baby” is 8 1/2 and still a beauty, with a very sweet disposition. We always have people raving about his appearance and temperament. I would highly recommend Cedarwood’s springers to anyone looking for a well balanced, loving springer!

  4. Hi Pat. We just saw the post from June 14th. It’s so nice to know that your hard work and ours is recognized by a stranger at the farmers market. Maisie and Bentley are incredible dogs and we feel blessed to have met you 14 years ago. We appreciate your trust in allowing us to adopt two of your pups. Hope to see you soon. Sue Elsom

  5. My husband and I live in Medina Mn. I was driving my car behind a man that had a beautiful young springer seated next to him. We have had five springers, all of which came from New England where we grew up. Our present springer came from north of Boston. We have loved and adored every one. Our springer Diva is nine years old. She travels everywhere with us. She drives to Montana, Rhode Island with us several times a year. She sleeps in our bed, drives everywhere with us. She is now nine years old. We would love to have another springer, a puppy to keep her and us company.
    If you have any puppies that you are willing to sell, we would be very interested.
    My e mail address is I would love to speak with you in person as well naturally. I have your number and will try to reach you soon. Thank you, Janet Seidenberg

  6. Beautiful Springer Spaniels, excellent site,very informative. Would like to purchase a pup from this breeder.
    Philip Kaeser 7/2018

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